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Jan Matern

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We give you what you need most: access to customers

Emerge Education is a London-based, 3-month accelerator programme for startups intending to improve educational outcomes in the UK and beyond. On top of a £15K living stipend, workspace and business support, selected companies will receive:
> Access to a deep pool of educators, progressive educational institutions and existing distribution platforms for live customer testing and accelerated market distribution.
> Deep industry-specific insight through its community of some of Europe’s hottest edtech founders, including executives from Mendeley ($69M exit to Reed Elsevier), Busuu, and Memrise.
> Weekly coaching from Emerge Education’s Venture Partners, Volker Hirsch, Neeraj Sharma and Martin Campbell. The trio are successful entrepreneurs and education and games industry veterans, hailing from companies such as Scoreloop (exit to Blackberry in 2011), Vivo Miles (used by over 1M students in the UK) and Blackbaud (supplying software to more than 70% of UK higher education institutions)
We guarantee that you will leave our programme with at least these three things:



Cyclical product testing with real potential customers


Supercharging with all relevant expertise


Intensive interaction with interested investors


How do we become part of Emerge Education?

Apply online before 17 November for the programme starting January 2014.
The programme runs twice per year, starting in January and September.

Should we incorporate a company before applying?

No. If you have not already incorporated your company, we recommend that you wait to do so because it’s easier to start with our standard paperwork.

We’ve been working on our startup for a while. Is Emerge Education appropriate for us?

We will consider companies that already have significant traction and revenue before they apply to Emerge Education. The mentoring, networking, distribution, and testing provided in our program create value for most early stage companies.

We’ve already raised some funding. Can we still apply?

Yes, but we strongly favour startups which qualify for SEIS tax relief on investments.

What funding do we get if selected?

Each startup will receive a £15K stipend for the programme.

What does Emerge Education get?

In exchange for:
- the £15K stipend, coworking space and business support;
- access to investors with a strategic interest in education;
- access to leading entrepreneurs and influencers in education; and
- access to potential customers and distribution partners,
we take 6-10% equity in your startup and an option to participate in up to 20% (cash value) of your next investment round at a 20% discount to the next best investor.

Why the range of 6-10%?

In most cases we will take 8% in your startup. We may deviate from this in rare cases and within the range, where a selected startup has either taken significant investment money before, or is very early stage.

What if we’re building something that takes longer than 3 months?

If we select you, the goal will be to build a compelling prototype or demo to raise money from appropriate investors. It’s better to launch a product before Demo Day if possible, but it’s not a must.

Do we need to submit a business plan?

A business plan is not necessary, all the information we need is covered in the application form.

Can a single person apply for funding?

Yes, but we strongly prefer teams with two or more team members that have a proven track record of working together.

I have a great idea for a startup, but I’m not technical. Will you still fund me?

If your solution is largely built on tech, we would strongly recommend that you have a full-time developer in your team.

Do we need to move to London?

Nothing is set in stone, but we strongly advise all startups to be in London for the majority of the programme to maximise the value they can get. The most important parts to be present in London are the initial fourteen days, and the two last weeks including Demo Day.

Do you require a video in your application?

Yes, this is a must-have. You can upload it to YouTube or elsewhere. Please follow the video guidelines.

Do we have to be UK citizens?

No, as long as you can get here for at least three months. We don’t provide visas, but we can point you toward people who can advise you.

Do we have to start a company in the UK for you to invest in us?

Yes, but that’s usually not a problem. It’s easy for foreign nationals to start UK companies (much easier than remaining here physically), and investors and acquirers prefer them.

Do we need to have a proven idea before applying?

We expect you to apply with a compelling idea relevant to the education market. That said, we are looking for nimble teams that can pivot as needed, and team strength is a priority in our selection process.

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for great people to work with us. Drop Emil [[email protected]] a line, and tell him how you would like to get involved.


Email: [email protected]
Location: Google Campus, London.